Help with Google reader please

So I stumble across an excellent idea whilst reading some posts today, on just how we can manage our time better with blogs and feeds without having to log onto each website. A big shout out to Mrs Frintzilas – please have a look at her page as she has some very insightful posts on there and none more so on ‘Mrs Frintzilas approach to managing blogs. An excellent idea in which I quickly jumped onto. However, I have experienced a couple of niggling difficulties (so much so my new piece of technology has nearly been thrown at the wall 🙂 !!) and if some wonderful guru can help me and perhaps others that would be great:

1. How do I delete a feed I have requested – my problem here was I added diigo and cannot for the life of me delete it and add our specific edc3100 one.

2. How do I delete read blogs that I no longer need?

I am using this on a samsung and perhaps this could be my problem, so I will try it on the desktop computer and see how I go.

Would love your thoughts 🙂


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